Campaña de Lanzamiento de la App OKY

OKY is more than just a service for sending shopping vouchers from the United States to Latin America; it is a platform that conveys happiness and emotional connection.

Our mission is to provide migrants with the opportunity to send more than just a financial remittance to their loved ones in their home countries. We want to offer them the possibility to send love, support and joy through our vouchers, and not only the necessary financial help.

We set out to create a comprehensive communication strategy that captured the essence of what users feel when they receive these vouchers. We worked closely with the benefits offered by OKY, ensuring that the user experience was smooth and satisfying at every step of the process.

But most importantly, we focus on conveying the happiness and excitement of those who receive these benefits in their local countries. For them, these vouchers are not just purchases, they are gestures of love and care that strengthen family ties and keep the connection between loved ones alive despite the distance.

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