Institutional Rebranding

In 2021, the management team of the Universidad del CEMA (UCEMA) challenged us with a monumental task: to revive and revitalize their educational brand through a rebranding that would reflect their evolution and relevance in the current context.

We embarked on this rebranding project for UCEMA with a meticulous approach, which included a thorough analysis of the institution's legacy and trajectory. In collaboration with their Marketing, Management, and Educational teams, we delved into the fundamental pillars of the university to conceive a renewed identity, appealing to students and strong in business terms.

Our first step was the transformation of the logo and corporate image, symbolized by a phoenix, a clear metaphor for rebirth and progress. This symbol encapsulates the value of knowledge in constant evolution and renewal. Next came the logo, which transformed into the minimal unit responsible for the visual construction of the rest of the pillars. This is how the logo finds its way and connection with the university's sub-areas in a puzzle path: unity and formation.

Through the redefinition of the institution's core concept, we developed a visual identity system that encompasses all aspects of the educational experience at UCEMA, from undergraduate and graduate programs to the student department, master's degrees, online courses, and more. Each component of the system had its own identity, yet it all formed part of a coherent and unified whole.

This work was recognized with the EIKON 2022 award, winning the Gold award in the "Corporate Identity Communication" category. This achievement was made possible through joint work with the Marketing team and associated digital teams, who significantly contributed to the successful implementation of this new representative image of UCEMA.

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